Hosepipe Ban Possible in 2018

Despite a seemingly wet few months, hosepipe bans and water restrictions may be needed in 2018.

Rainfall during autumn and winter over the last two years has been lower than average. This crucial period has a knock-on effect that leads to lower stocks in the spring and summer months.

In January 2018 the Environment Agency was warning that these two years may well produce water restrictions in the summer of 2018. However, above average rainfall (including snow) in March and April of 2018 has eased these fears for most parts of the country.

The South East of England remains the biggest worry for water suppliers. Affinity Water supplies water to 3.6 million customers in various areas of the South East. They state that their groundwater levels are below average and these will not be fully replenished during the spring and summer months.

Their warning is worrying to the South Eastern population – “The possibility of restrictions later on in the year remain in place and this will be dependent on the demand for water, particularly if demand is higher than usual over the spring and summer.”

Thames Water also indicated below average groundwater supplies, though reservoirs were 96% full. The picture is similar for much of the South East.

Affinity Water offer the following water saving tips:

  • Shorten your shower – take a 4-minute shower, you’ll save around 50 litres (even cutting your shower time by 1 minute can save up to 15 litres)
  • Running your bath just an inch shorter than usual can save an average of 5 litres.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, and save over 6,500 litres of water a year and encourage others to do the same
  • If you have a dual flush toilet, use the small button on your toilet for liquids)
  • A save a flush device in your toilet can save one litre per flush, saving up to 5,000 litres a year.

Come back to the website for more news about hosepipe bans and water restrictions during 2018. We also have a summary of the Current Situation.

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  1. Affinity Water all winter long has been replacing the stop cocks outside peoples houses the stop cocks they are replacing have been fine for decades but now there ain’t a street without one of them sending out gallons of water turning the path into a river and they go on about low water levels ?.

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