Hosepipe Bans Due on April 5th

Seven water companies in southern and eastern England have said they will impose water restrictions after two very dry winters have left reservoirs, aquifers and rivers below normal levels.

Southern Water, South East Water, Thames Water, Anglian Water, Sutton and East Surrey, Veolia Central and Veolia South East will enforce hosepipe bans.

“East Anglia and south east England are in drought. Parts of central England, south west England and south east Yorkshire continue to be affected by dry weather. It’s anticipated that the risk of drought in the spring and summer in these areas is high.” – Says the Environment Agency.

The area now under official drought is slowly rising north and it’s expected parts of Yorkshire may be included soon.

Many reservoirs in the southern half of England are currently below half of their normal levels for this time of year. However, further north many reservoirs are overflowing, bringing up the old question of why stocks can’t be moved south during times like this.

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  1. Hi,
    As we have been restricted on a prepaid service we subscribe to are the water companies prepared to give discounts to those affected by the bans?

  2. Too many houses being built in the south-east. One of the heaviest-hit areas for water shortages yet population being encouraged to rise!

    Nice legacy of the last labour government… thanks!

  3. So, picking up on a couple of earlier posts and summerising;

    – There is water in the North of the UK but not as much in the South
    – Those living in the North believe it’s their water and should not be shared freely with Southerners
    – In general, the cause of water shortage is less rainfall and more demand, so not enough to go around
    – Southerners believe that Northerners get all the government funding

    So the answer is Simples…..

    Instead of being covert about it lets be open and go back to the medieval approach and cull anyone north of Watford Gap.

    This would be a win – win for those in the South, we wouldn’t have to subsidise the North anymore, so all our tax bills could be reduced, and we could have all the water we want.

    Now before anyone suggests reversing this and culling the Southerners, it won’t work. No one in the North has a job so there would be no tax advantage.

    In case anyone doesn’t have the brain power to realise it, this is just meant to poke fun at those prejudiced people from both ends of the country.

    We are in this together, like it or not and we should band together in the face of adversity, and go steel all that water that Scotland has, not to mention the need to maintain our strangle hold on any remaining North Sea oil that Scots have the audacity to believe is theirs.

    • grumpy old man i totally agree with you, i from liverpool and was actually in london today (am now on my way home on the train on my phone)

      i tried to explain your idea to a guy at the bus stop today but he didnt speak very good english so i am unsure on whether he agreed with me? next i tried to explain it to another guy on the bus who must have thought i was from immigration because he kept trying to give me his ID. i found this really funny but unfortunately i wasn’t able to share it with anyone round london because nobody really speaks English as their first language?

      Hang on….is London still part of the uk?
      FYI…..the North West doesn’t receive half as much funding as it actually provides to central government, obviously the BBC has clocked on to something that you guys down south haven’t figured out yet……I’ll leave you to simmer on that one.
      And as for raising capitol finances for the country….London the financial capital of the world….so it would be fair to say that the reason the country is in this mess was because of you guys down south ….jeeeez thanks London folk…now my social security will be taken away from me….hang on i have never claimed a penny in my life so its all good!!
      Great chatting to you mate

  4. So where is the vast improvements we were promised from privitisation? All bill have increased substantially and have gone into the pockets of shareholder not into improving the system.

  5. I have on many occasions visited a little island we all know well as Tenerife and the surrounding islands.
    During my visits I have always been amazed at the water management system.
    Considering the little if any rainfall I am told there is never a water shortage on any of the islands.
    Is there a lesson to be learned here I wonder ??


  6. I think its only fair that if the North have to put up with the worst weather & the South get the better weather than the South cant have the best of everything! If the North has the most water its only what we have had to endure on many occassions.

  7. We are having neighbourly debates but does anyone have any clarity is Southampton going to come under the hose pipe ban on 5 th April?

  8. I notice that comercial car washes and DIY car wash companies are still allowed to use water. Therefore, I will also continue to wash my car. When they stop, I will. We will be told that they are allowed to use water because they pay more for the priviledge. Sorry, but paying more doesn’t make it rain any harder!! Will will also be told that all their water is recycled….not the case!!

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